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I succumbed to the allure of DNA testing. I admit, curiosity is one of my failings. Or strengths, depending on your point of view. I wanted to know if there was any French in my veins. I also wanted to see if I could find any new information on a few tricksy people in myContinue reading “DNA”

Mary Pauline Dutaillis

Born 1797 Paris per all her records… not her birthname I’m thinking… Adopted by Auguste Dutaillis is my theory… remember him. I know so much more now than I knew back then. One record is all it takes to change the story… and an interesting story it is. Full of heart break and true love…Continue reading “Mary Pauline Dutaillis”

Life Lessons

Over 60 and still learning the same lessons … I came across an interesting idea in my family history research… writing a letter to your grandchildren or great grands … to be opened when they are grown … The interesting part was what people wrote about … some chose life lessons. What life lesson wouldContinue reading “Life Lessons”

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