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Technical Difficulties

Sometimes it seems the technology that is supposed to make our lives easier makes life harder instead. It seems that way MOST DAYS for me lately. Operator error a factor I am sure. Tried out One Drive and document sharing . Do not go there! Not unless you and your co-conspirators know what they areContinue reading “Technical Difficulties”


In family tree research, I am reminded, again, that just One record can change everything. A cascading effect … Auguste is not the man I seek. Victor is. Victor and Auguste Dutaillis arrive almost simultaneously in the United Kingdom about 1793: fleeing the chaos in France. Victor settles in London; Auguste in Edinburgh. My ancestorContinue reading “Victor?”

William Dutaillis

Auguste’s son… remember Auguste! I still dont know exactly where Auguste was born or where he died or who his parents were but I do know quite a bit about his 9 children … William is the eldest boy. I actually suspect he was adopted but cant prove it …. yet… He is my ancestor.Continue reading “William Dutaillis”

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