My Stuff

I’ve recently had a life changing experience (my dad passed) and that means I am in a bit of a loose ends kind of situation, especially given the brave new world we all find ourselves in … Pandemic … OMG … and the fact that I am over 60. Sadly I find myself overwhelmed by Stuff … and yet it’s not all sad. Some stuff has so much power, gives so much comfort, that it’s the best stuff in the world… Sadly as well, both my parents suffered from Alzheimer’s. Many of the items surrounding me remind me of this huge part of my life, and that I too may “succumb” to dementia at some point … I’d like to organize My Stuff better than it is now before that happens … IF it happens, be prepared? Hahahaha! Yeah right! Regardless, Alzheimer’s is a whole other topic I’d like to talk about. I want to share some of my experiences with being a caregiver with you. So, I plan to blog about “My Stuff” and separately, I hope to share ideas that helped me with caring for my parents. In time I hope to add links to resources and other great stuff too … we’ll see how industrious I get. It will be a work in progress!

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