Learning WordPress

Learning goes slower after 50??

During my University years I studied Human Development and I focused on aging … I used to know the technical answer to that. I am so used to Front Page … I am finding the transition to WordPress very difficult.

Why do this?

  • Front Page was discontinued in 2003 and support for the program ended in 2013.
  • I guess it’s time to move on – learn a new way to do something I already knew how to do.

Doesn’t it seem we are always reinventing the same thing over and over and over …

So bear with me while I learn how to do what I already knew how to do a new way.

  • This is hard stuff!
  • Not as intuitive as I’d like
  • Once I get rid of these sample posts with my witty repartee I hope to actually say something?
  • In the format: fonts, colours and layout I choose, with my graphics …
  • It is coming along, but seems like pulling teeth. Like WHY are all these posts dated September 26 … today is October 6th… GRRRRR… Learning curve in action!
  • Tags … that’s next topic to master! I know how to add them in Front Page… Just saying!

Published by Aud

I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Gettin' on... Soon an official senior citizen... few more years... looking for a place to keep track of all My Stuff... Hence, "Aud's Stuff." If you have too much stuff too, you may find this interesting. ALSO, Alzheimer's has been such a huge part of my life I will be posting on that a lot too most likely ... I am in transition from being a caregiver to being Who Knows What! Watch my journey!

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