Mary Pauline Dutaillis

Born 1797 Paris per all her records… not her birthname I’m thinking…

Adopted by Auguste Dutaillis is my theory… remember him. I know so much more now than I knew back then.

One record is all it takes to change the story… and an interesting story it is. Full of heart break and true love…

The Emigres that touched my family’s past.

Would love to go back in time and have tea… have a wee chat. I have so many questions…

Mary Pauline marries William Waters Ireland in Edinburgh in April of 1816. I’ve known that for a year, but today I finally sprung for the record… downloaded it from Scotland’s People… and I am stunned. This record adds another layer to the story … a very interesting story indeed

Auguste, her father, was on at least his third occupation since he arrived in Edinburgh… the marriage record states he was a French Teacher…

The groom’s occupation was “comedian” .. We see that in later records for him … baptisms in Liverpool for their kids…

But even though these are interesting facts they are not the Most interesting thing about the record.

Her residence was given as …. the palace of Holyrood House….

Now that is interesting!

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