In family tree research, I am reminded, again, that just One record can change everything. A cascading effect …

Auguste is not the man I seek. Victor is.

Victor and Auguste Dutaillis arrive almost simultaneously in the United Kingdom about 1793: fleeing the chaos in France. Victor settles in London; Auguste in Edinburgh.

My ancestor was born in Edinburgh in 1797. His surname is Dutaillis. I made an assumption.

Turns out the most likely scenario is that Victor “adopted” my ancestor in London. It also seems that the two men, Victor and Auguste, are close relatives, possibly brothers. They appear to have a business relationship as well as the same surname.

I am totally hooked on genealogy… love puzzles to pieces. I would like to prove my theories by finding a record that defines the relationship between either man and my ancestor. Needle in a haystack at this point, but I will keep looking…

In the meantime, I think I will go swing from another branch in my tree.

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I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Gettin' on... Soon an official senior citizen... few more years... looking for a place to keep track of all My Stuff... Hence, "Aud's Stuff." If you have too much stuff too, you may find this interesting. ALSO, Alzheimer's has been such a huge part of my life I will be posting on that a lot too most likely ... I am in transition from being a caregiver to being Who Knows What! Watch my journey!

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